Specialty Programs

‘Listen to WINT for a wide variety of radio programs on topics of interest to you with local hosts and experts from our community!

  • Auto Talk, Tues. at 7:00pm
    joe-david_200x172Known as The Motor Doctor, Joe Rossman has been a popular Cleveland radio host for more than 40 years. He’s been involved in the automotive repair industry since 1963 as a teacher, technician, service center owner and consultant to Cleveland area media. Joe’s down-home and folksy style effectively connects to expert gearheads, wannabe backyard mechanics, men and women alike. Co-host David Leighty is known as The Motor Medic. On Cleveland radio and television for more than 10 years, his quick wit and sense of humor, plus an obvious depth of automotive knowledge, make for a fun show. Autotalk and Travel is not only an automotive show but also involves the community. Joe and David discuss things to do around the town, around the country, places to eat, travel and we even talk about great wines and quick stop off places. The talk is fun, effective and informative for caller and listeners.
  • The Story Behind Gillian’s Health Minute
    13 years ago I was in a dark place and was searching for a positive person, a leader and role model. I stumbled upon a workshop on personal development, and from that event, I was hooked on the idea of people coming together to learn in a supportive environment. I decided that I wanted to use my talents and gifts to help others in my own unique way. I discovered an ability to analyze and contextualize the inner workings of our souls, hearts and minds that have led me to write Gillian’s Health Minutes. They’re simply my perspective – that has helped me during varying times of my life, especially as it relates to intentional and healthy living.The purpose of these minutes are to help you connect with your deeper self and create a life that is centered in your values. It is a process to discover these, and a journey to understand. This journey begins with a quiet mind… an openness and a curiosity about ourselves… and a restless relentlessness to start a meaningful journey. It is my prayer and hope that we can see through our unconscious or conscious limitations and move with grace and vigor towards a life illumined by our spirit.​Let our work be an expression of who we truly are, on the inside.-gillian harris
  • Legacies, Sat. at 6:30am; Sun. at 9:30am
    Tom-Swope_225x172“Legacies” is dedicated to all the men and women who have served or are currently serving in the Armed Forces of the United States of America. The show’s mission is to see that the world appreciates what extraordinary things ordinary people have done to gain and preserve the freedom everyone enjoys—and the ultimate price that is often paid.

    Hosted by author Tom Swope, son of a World War II veteran, “Legacies” is an original anthology of first-hand accounts of war. War is more than battles. It is a series of individual moments and even those who served side by side have unique memories of their personal experience.“Legacies” gives these men and women an opportunity to tell their stories in their own words. This compelling collection of candid recollections comes from interviews recorded by Swope, as well as previously unpublished diaries and essays from veterans’ collections. Their generation is fading away, but their stories must be remembered. They were ordinary people who lived during an extraordinary time.The “Legacies” radio show has received two ‘Ohio Excellence in Journalism Awards’ and was named ‘Best Radio Show in Northeast Ohio’ at the March of Dimes A.I.R. Awards. Swope has interviewed more than 500 veterans for The Library of Congress and was honored by the L.O.C. as one of the top contributors to The Veterans History Project in Washington DC in 2005. His book, “LEGACIES: Stories from the Second World War” was selected by The Veterans History Project as one of their featured books in The Library of Congress Pavilion at the National Book Festival in Washington DC.

  • Our Aging World with Joey Tomsick, Sat. at 2:00pm
    Joey-Tomsick_230x138Getting older can be complicated—with concerns about money, health, lifestyle changes and just simple everyday living. Joey Tomsick, director of the Lake County Council on Aging, hosts “Our Aging World” and shares ideas and resources to make your life easier – with tips, tools and resources on topics such as senior health, housing, finances, Medicare, Social Security, money saving programs, and other issues that affect older adults.Whether you’re caring for an aging loved one or are concerned about your own aging journey, the show emphasizes wellness in aging by examining pertinent social, emotional, political, economic and healthcare issues that relate to seniors. “Our Aging World” is committed to educating seniors and their families – through entertaining discussions and interviews with experts about the best strategies for improving quality of life and increasing financial longevity.
  • Stress-Free Living with Ratanjit S. Sondhe, Sat. at 9:00am
    rss_100pxA true inspiration each week, “Stress–Free Living” features timeless universal wisdom on various real-world topics with a stimulating ‘east’ meets ‘west’ dynamic. Program co-host Ray Somich, an experienced broadcast interviewer, entrepreneur, and esteemed community leader, brings a practical perspective to Ratanjit’s profound wisdom with listener-inspired questions. The enlightening secrets each program reveals are remarkable! With “Stress-Free Living”, you too can live a life that is stress-free.

    You can be part of the live audience for Stress-Free Living via zoom video most Saturdays at 9am Eastern time. Archived weekly programs area available on the Stress-Free Living YouTube channel.

  • They Sacrificed for US, Tues. at 8:00pm
    sue-bob-fratino_250x155Hosts Sue and Bob Fratino are very connected to the veteran population—Sue’s father served in the Ohio Army National Guard during the Vietnam era, and Bob’s father served in World War II in the US Army in North Africa and Italy. Along with their fathers, Sue and Bob have numerous relatives and friends that served in our armed forces.To promote the legacies of their military family and friends, as well as to become more involved with assisting the veteran population, Sue and Bob are very active members of American Legion Post 214 in Willoughby. Currently, Sue is President of the American Legion Auxiliary, Unit 214, and Bob is the First Vice Commander of the Sons of the American Legion, Squadron 214.On this veterans-focused, guest-based show, Sue and Bob discuss issues relevant to the special needs of our selfless veteran service men and women as well as those still serving on active duty.